i'm crushing on these colors right now......and the new song black widow .....just saying.
y'all i have been obsessed w/ the book  me before you.... the dog whined at 3:00 AM to go out and when i got back into bed, i glanced at...
things and thoughts: have y'all read " what alice forgot "....LOVED it.  i'm dying for another book like that....fill free...

Hidup ini seperti diperkosa

Terkadang Hidup ini seperti diperkosa. Mau tak mau, siap tak siap, enak tak enak, suka tak suka, tetap harus dinikmati noch....

Do the best, don't worry about failure

~ If you're doing your BEST, you won't have anytime to worry about failure.

When I know the Truth

I Love LISTENING to lies when I know the TRUTH.

Hurt you but Teach you

Anything that HURT you can TEACH you. And if it keep HURTING you, its because you haven't LEARNED...

Be a nice people

The world is full of Nice people. If You Can't Find One, Be One...!!!


  Entah mengapa hatiku Kini ku ingin sendiri Tak ingin aku, berkawan lagi, selain denganmu,.. Sejak pertama bertemu Hatiku mulai r...

Who made you smile again

It doesn't matter who hurt you, or broke you down. What matters is who mad you smile again

I just want to be happy

I want to live my life withoutstress and worries, I don't need to be RICH and FAMOUS, I just want to be HAPPY ...

Can't HOLD on to something that does not want to STAY

Can't lose what you never had, Can't keep whats nat yours, and can't HOLD on to something that does not want to STAY . ...

Keyakinan, Harapan, dan Cinta

Keyakinan, Harapan, dan Cinta. Keyakinan membuat segalanya menjadi mungkin. Harapan membuat segalanya bisa terjadi. Cinta bisa membuat s...

Find the good in people, ignore the bad in them

Ku memberi semuanya

Belajar memaafkan

Temukan yang baik pada orang, Abaikan buruknya

Jangan menangis lagi

Jangan menangis lagi, Aku selalu ada UntukMu ....

Pengetahuan, materi dan rupa

Kadang2 Materi dan Rupa bisa jadi baik atau buruk, tetapi "pengetahuan" akan menemani seumur hidupmu. Sobat...


MUNAROH MUNAROH - boyband UBUR-UBUR Disaat aku melihatmu, Disaat aku mengenalmu, Dan kini, kutahu namamuuu, Ternyata, nama...

Free Best Inspirational Quotes

Here are some quotes as a source of motivation and inspiration for us to keep the spirit : " No matter how your day, do not ever let an...
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